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class descriptions

TOTS & TODDLER CLASSES: 45 minutes (TOTS 15-24 months & TODDLERS 24-40 months) Incorporating the Kids Co-Motion curriculum, parents/caregivers and their child dance, tumble and sing together to lively music while stimulating and reinforcing important developmental skills.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT I, II, III: 45 minutes for Level I (3 years), Level II (3-4 years) and Level III (4-5 years). A playful and productive class that works on developing movement skills, turn taking, cooperating in groups, listening with care and learning to recognize and execute short dances.

INTRO TO MODERN DANCE: 50 minutes (Kindergarten and 1st grade) An introduction to basic modern technique with influences taken from some of the pioneers of modern dance (Horton, Limon, Graham and Taylor) mixed with choreography, partnering skills and improvisation.

INTRO TO BALLET: 45 minutes (Kindergarten and 1st grade) An introduction to the fundamentals of ballet in a creative setting.

MODERN I, II, III: 55 minutes for Level I (1st-3rd grade) 75 minutes for Level II (3rd-5th grade), Level III (5th-7th grade) and TEEN (7th-10th grade). Focus is on both technique and choreography. The class will consist of a warm-up and across the floor movement as well as working together as a group to create a dance that will be showcased at the end of the semester.

CONTEMPORARY: 90 minutes TEEN (8th grade and up) The focus will be on combining the styles of ballet, modern, jazz and lyrical through expressive, fluid movement. Dancers will learn contemporary combinations which will culminate into a dance piece by the end of the semester.

BALLET I, II: 55 minutes for Level I (2nd-4th grade) and Level II (5th-8th grade). This class is designed for the dancer looking to enhance their skills by learning the fundamentals of ballet. A great 2nd class to Modern and Hip Hop. Proper ballet attire required (see policies).

MOVEMENT FOR BOYS: 55 minutes (1st-4th grade) ​​This class is designed to work on agility, flexibility, balance, coordination, focus and rhythm.  All skills needed in athletics as well as dance. Bringing the boys together for a class of their own will provide an environment where they can feel comfortable to explore movement through music and dance amongst their peer group. 

​HIP HOP I, II, TEEN: 55 minutes for Level I (3rd-5th grade), Level II (6th-8th grade) and TEEN (8th-10th grade). This upbeat, high energy class teaches the fundamentals of hip hop dance and choreography.

MUSICAL THEATER JAZZ: 55 minutes (5th-8th grade) This class focuses upon building a foundation and understanding of classical jazz styles that are applied in musical theater choreography. A great class for dancers and actors.

ADULT MODERN, BALLET & WORKSHOPS: 75 minutes (Open Level Class) No experience necessary. Come inside our spacious studio to move, stretch and strengthen your body while dancing to inspiring music.

ACTING STUDIO I, TEEN: 55 minutes Level I (3rd-6th grade) and TEEN (7th-10th grade). This class will build on the foundations of acting (no prior class experience necessary) by bringing in aspects and exercises from Strasberg’s Method with a heavy emphasis on theatre games and improvisation.